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, FAQs


Reservations for dining, bowling and bocce can be made through our website. If you would like to dine and game separately, you will need to make two separate reservations. Our bowling lanes and bocce courts are full-service with our entire bistro menu available, so you can also dine while you game.

Reservations are not required, but are recommended. We accept walk-in groups based on availability.

Our bowling and bocce reservations can be made for 1 or 2 hours.

Bowling lanes accommodate parties of up to 8 and bocce courts accommodate parties of up to 10.

Yes, our bowling lanes and bocce courts are full-service and our entire bistro menu is available for ordering.

Bocce is an Italian sport played on a “court” with two teams of two. The objective is for your team to roll your balls closer to the target ball than the other team. Our team is happy to show you how to play upon arrival. Gameplay instructions are also provided on the court.

A cancellation fee will be charged per guest, for those who don’t show up.

We don’t enforce a strict dress code but ask our guests to dress appropriately while maintaining comfort.

Our Private Events require a minimum group size of 20 people. If you have a smaller group size that is coming out for a celebration, please let our team know and we will accommodate however we can to provide a memorable experience.