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Monday, July 24,

National Tequila Day

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Get ready for a flavor-filled adventure! Monday, July 24th, Pinstripes celebrates National Tequila Day in style. In honor of this spirited occasion, we’re offering 50% off on all tequila drinks all day.

Step into our world of crafted cocktails, where every sip tells a story. Our Margarita Italiano, a fusion of cultures that dances on your tongue. Our Paloma, a citrus-kissed elixir that redefines refreshment. Our Mezcalita, the smoky delight that blends tradition with a zesty edge. Or revel in the unadulterated pleasure of a Classic Margarita or straight-up Tequila on the rocks.

This National Tequila Day, let’s bask in the magic of Agave. Viva la Tequila!

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