Our History

Well, let me first succinctly share our strategic vision: ‘Pinstripes will offer people an alternative way to connect with others and have fun.’

So, having formally stated our vision, let me digress and add that it all started 35 years ago while bowling in a kid’s league in Cleveland. In hindsight, it was simple: we really had fun together, and it sparked a journey to re-create that nostalgic and fun connection with others that most people seek. As Walt Disney once said, “While there is very little adult in a child, there is a lot of child in every adult,” and I’ll be the first to admit that there’s plenty of child in me (and I trust plenty in each of you) that enjoys having fun together.

With this kernel of an idea, twenty years ago I coined the name ‘Pinstripes’ as a play on the bowling ‘pin,’ and to connote an upscale image given the association with the ‘pinstripe’ formal attire. Over the following eighteen years, I shared the Pinstripes concept with many people, and most agreed that the entertainment-dining industry was lacking a unique alternative to ‘just’ going to dinner or to the movies. Many people further agreed that the premise of the book ‘Bowling Alone’ which described the disintegration of many social and religious structures and communities, such that today most people ‘bowl alone.’

With this in mind, we decided two years ago to start Pinstripes and create a novel concept that would offer people an alternative way to combine fun (bowling/bocce) with exceptional food/wine (bistro), while connecting with others in the community. We shaped the concept over this two year period to accentuate the duality of bocce and bowling, Italian and American cuisine and wines, and gelato and ice cream. Furthermore, we’ve combined the standard open-play of bowling/bocce/dining with a substantial focus on private events, and this ‘winning’ business combination should result in very successful financial results. Finally, the long-term goal is to expand the Pinstripes concept to select markets throughout the country, while always maintaining a strict adherence to quality and customer satisfaction.

Dale Schwartz
April 12, 2007