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Wednesday, December 1, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

New Pinstripes Live!
Featuring Emily Dix

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This fall, a specially curated list of local musicians will be featured every Wednesday and Thursday during the dining hours of 6 pm to 9 pm. Artists cover an array of musical genres ranging from pop, light rock, jazz, country, and more! Pair great music with your favorite meal with our new seasonal menu, wood-fire pizza, housemade gelato, curated wine list, craft beer, and handcrafted cocktails. Join us for an evening of live music!


Tonight Featuring: Emily Dix

I’ve lived in Kansas City my whole life, but I’m only a few years acquainted with the music and jazz community here in town. An accountant by trade, I decided to pursue singing nearly 8 years into my career. I could sing before I could talk, singing jingle bells from my crib with babbled lyrics and later harmonizing melodies with my mom and sister. And while I sang in the high school choir, at the occasional family wedding and events for my college sorority, singing largely remained a quiet part of my life; either too bashful to make it my identity or too self-conscious to sing for anyone.
As I neared the end of my twenties, my fear of regret became stronger than my fear of vulnerability, and I took steps towards having music in my life. Without expectations, I put my hope out into the universe and answered a Craigslist ad. I don’t know that I could ever replicate the serendipitous series of events and luck that led me to the musicians I sing with and the performance opportunities I have now, but it has been the greatest gift and source of joy in my life. I am grateful for every musician that I’ve sung with as I learned the ropes of performing live jazz. Each gig is education, with every musician bringing something uniquely special and different to the sound. Because jazz doesn’t have rules, or a least very few, a single tune done a hundred times is never the same. It’s constantly creating and evolving, and that’s what I love most. Even if you only have an ear for music and don’t know the language, like me, you can still be a part of it.

This revolving ensemble assembled in 2018, and I am endlessly grateful.



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