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Wednesday, September 27, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Notes of Distinction

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Notes of Distinction: Whiskey & Jazz Wednesdays at Pinstripes

Jazz up your Wednesdays with Pinstripes’ ‘Notes of Distinction.’ Drift away on a soulful journey of live jazz melodies while savoring our special whiskey offers. Delight in our $6 house whiskey mixes or elevate your evening with $7 handcrafted cocktails – like the robust Old Fashioned featuring Redemption High Rye, or the zestful Whiskey Sour accentuated with Koval Bourbon and a craft beer splash. Here, music and mixology dance harmoniously. It’s a midweek escapade of smooth tunes and smoother sips. Join us, and make every note and nip memorable.

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