Welcome to Pinstripes, where each cocktail is more than just a drink—it’s a crafted experience. Our beverage maestros, Brent Conley and Gary Wiggins, have a simple philosophy – every cocktail is an opportunity to create a moment, a memory, a connection.

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Meet the “Boys of Beverage”

First up is Brent Conley, our sun-kissed mixologist from Tucson, AZ. With 13 years at Pinstripes under his belt, he’s the grandmaster of “The Spirit of the Spirits,” our in-house training program where new hires learn the ABCs of ABV. But Brent’s dedication doesn’t stop at our doors. He’s also our globe-trotting spirits scout, tirelessly scouring the world for the best possible ingredients. Our teams now source limoncello from the Meletti family in Italy, who’ve been crafting this lemony liqueur in the same traditional way for hundreds of years. Our organic blueberry syrup? Made with love by the drummer of Phish in a barn tucked away in the wilds of Maine. Then there’s Gary Wiggins, our cocktail craftsman extraordinaire. Gary’s been whipping up wonders with us for a whopping 14 years. His Tuscan Sangria might be the star of the show, but he’s a Whiskey Sour guy at heart.

The Pinstripes Cocktail Experience

At Pinstripes, we’re obsessed with quality. We craft our cocktails with only the finest spirits and ingredients, because let’s be honest, the devil is in the details. Our Pinstripes’ original, the Margarita Italiano, is an eloquent expression of this commitment. The Blueberry Mash, infused with organic blueberry syrup, is a refreshing burst of fruitiness, while the Limoncello Martini offers a zesty Italian twist. Our Whiskey Sour? Well, it’s Gary’s go-to for a reason – an absolute classic done right.

Spring into New Flavors

And because we believe in keeping things fresh and exciting, we’re introducing three new spring cocktails to our menu. First, sip on the Muluni Mojito, a tantalizing blend of Diplomatico Blanco rum, Cointreau, fresh mint, watermelon puree, lime juice, and a playful splash of soda. For those who like a little smoke with their sweet, the Mezcalita is a must-try. It’s a margarita but with a smoky twist, thanks to Sombra mezcal, fresh lime juice, and pineapple juice, adorned with a tajin rim and pineapple garnish. And if you’re feeling fancy, indulge in the Violeta, a luxurious concoction of Gray Whale gin, Rothman and winter creme de violette, fresh lemon juice, and La Marca prosecco, all served with a sugar rim. So come on down, spring is in the air and in our cocktails, too!

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