, Let’s Hear It For Dad

Let’s Hear It For Dad!

Over 500 guests paid tribute to their dads by sharing the love and dedication of their fathers with our “Let’s Hear It For Dad” campaign. The campaign encouraged participants to share a picture and a favorite memory with dad.

Thirteen winners were awarded a complimentary family brunch at Pinstripes for six on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 20. Every Pinstripes location will salute “family quality time” on this special day. Click here to learn more about Father’s Day Brunch at Pinstripes and make a reservation.

Jay N.

South Barrington, IL

“There are many wonderful memories I can share about my father because he is the most amazing man I know. One of my most treasured memories is when I was a little girl. I had an older brother who was in boy scouts and I wanted to be included in everything (even though I am a girl). My dad was the leader of the boy scout troop. They did this race called the Pinewood Derby, where the boy scouts made wooden cars and then raced them for trophies. I was allowed to make my own car and race with the boys, but I couldn’t earn a trophy because I was not technically a boy scout. My dad spent hours helping me build my little car and add all the little details I wanted (like a Pikachu driver and racing stripes on the side). The day of the Pinewood Derby, I raced with the boys and was proud of my little Pokémon car, even though I couldn’t get a trophy. I was upset by this because I worked hard on my car and I felt left out. At the end of the race, to my surprised I received a trophy! My dad gave it to me and it read “You’re always #1 in my eyes, Love Dad”. I still have that trophy to this day and it is better than any other prize or award I’ve received throughout my life.
My dad just became a grandfather last month for the first time, and I can only hope that I will be half the parent that he has been throughout my life.”

, Let’s Hear It For Dad

Mark S.

Oak Brook, IL

“Our Dad takes such good care of us. We know he works so hard but still finds time to make us a good breakfast each day and take us to school. He goes over vocabulary words with us at the breakfast table. He tucks us in each night and gives us a big hug each morning when we wake up. Even though he gets queasy on roller coasters, he still joins us on the rides at Six Flags although he seems a little dizzy for the rest of the day! And Dad takes us on lots of little adventures like a hikes in the forest preserve or running us around the tennis courts. He even makes going through a car wash fun by pretending the blue monsters are attacking us! I also know he is a good husband to my mom and takes great care of my Grandma and Grandpa. He is our hero. Love Mimi & Scott”

, Let’s Hear It For Dad

Chris S.

San Mateo, CA

“There are too many great memories with my dad to choose a favorite, but one that will always stick with me is the day of my university graduation. Before the ceremony, he came at 4am to celebrate Dad’s and Grad’s with me. He arrived with a big goofy smile on his face, and I felt almost as if he was more excited than I was. As a loud, sometimes obnoxious guy who always loves to go big, he brought an airhorn and blew it in the bar at 6am and then aired it later as I walked across the stage. After the ceremony, my dad gave me a big hug and told me how proud of me he was, and then I watched him put on my graduation gown and pretend to be a student as we danced the day away. As someone who only attended one semester of college, he spent his whole life working so that my brother, sister, and I could attend good universities. Just as he made us feel special on our graduation days, I want him to feel special on this Father’s Day by getting to do what he loves – eating, bowling, & bocce.”

, Let’s Hear It For Dad

Dan F.

Overland Park, KS

“My dad is an incredible father to my little sister and I. He is not just a father but he is an amazing husband to my mom, brother to his 5 sisters and brother, and uncle to his many nieces and nephews. Everyday he goes out into the world and touches people’s hearts as well as puts a smile on their faces. My dad is the most social person you will ever meet and has never met a stranger. He lives life to the fullest and never misses a good party. I have many great memories of my father over the years, but one that always makes me laugh is when my family took a trip to Universal Studios and my dad was doing his usual talking to everyone around us in line. I was a young teenager at the time so I was super embarrassed he had to talk to everyone he came across. It turned out he had met a manager at the park and got us front row into the Harry Potter ride which had a 3 hour line. It turned out I learned from him to always be kind to everyone and human interaction is important.”

, Let’s Hear It For Dad

Gregory C.

Norwalk, CT

“I am nominating my stepfather who has raised me like his daughter since I was three. He is my hero and has done so much for my brothers and I. He put me in the best schools, I went to college because of him, I know to do just about all I know how to do because of him! He is truly a gem. At the age of 31 as a step-parent myself, I have had the best leadership from him to be a great parent to children who are not biologically mine. I just want him to always know that he is the best thing that happened to me and my brother. At 31 my biological father lives with me now and my stepfather and him are friends and I admire my stepfather for that! I do always say my stepfather is my favorite parent !! 🙂 it’s just such a great story to know all my parents get along after 20 years of nonspeaking! I would love to celebrate with them and my uncle who I consider a father as well because he also was there for me in a fatherly way! He has no children so forever we will be his kids! Stepparents are so overlooked but they’re so important! You showed me what is it to be a successful woman and to know what I wanted in a husband! I am now married to a man that treats me how my stepfather treats my mother! You’re my number 1!”

, Let’s Hear It For Dad

Nick M.

Northbrook, IL

“I would like to nominate my amazing husband, Nick, for your Father’s Day celebration!! He is the most selfless person I know and gives his entire self to our two boys. He is an executive chef and was laid off at the start of the pandemic, where he literally – overnight – became a stay at home dad to our then 4 and 2 year old boys. I am a nurse and continued working through the pandemic so the burden was definitely on his shoulders. He assumed the role of dad, teacher, short order cook, and maid all while wearing a smile on his face. He never gives himself enough credit, and he is so deserving of knowing how much he means to all of us! We have a soft spot in our hearts for Pinstripes, as this is where we had our wedding reception in 2011.”

, Let’s Hear It For Dad

Harry L.

Houston, TX

“As I grew older I have gained a lot of respect for the ways in which he tried to balance work and family to provide both financial and emotional support. What I’m finding: it’s not easy.
That’s why time with our dads becomes so special, so meaningful. That’s why we treasure those moments in a different way…because it was probably for many of us more rare than the QT we got with mom…and it offered those brief moments when he let down his guard just long enough that we could get a glimpse of his heart.
One of the things that I remember vividly from my early childhood is my father reading Harry Potter to me at bedtime, as well as another story he had memorized and would tell us at bedtime. He also encouraged me to be open to “NEW” – new food, new cultural experiences, new people – and to be curious.”

, Let’s Hear It For Dad

Joel M.

Fort Worth, TX

“My daddy is awesome – His name is Joel but he is my Jolie, my favorite is when my daddy Jolie married my mommy and he said vows to me as well. He told me he loved me and thanked me for sharing my mommy with him. He also promises to help me with my homework ( cause he is really smart), play games, and always protect me and my mommy.
He takes me fishing too! He is the best daddy he is always there for me and my mommy and takes care of us and plays with me even when he is tired. Jolie is amazing!!! He is not just my step daddy but my daddy because he has always been there for me since I was 3 yrs old- I am 9 now. Joelie is my hero and can be your hero too.”

, Let’s Hear It For Dad

Richard G.

Edina, MN

“Imagine being raised by someone who you constantly look up to and aspire to be like. Someone who is there to help answer all your life’s questions, big or small, important or not, and never let you down. Someone who has been your teams’ coach through multiple sports teams but never plays favorites. Someone who acts as your tutor when your homework is too difficult but doesn’t just do it for you. Someone who pushes you to take care of yourself and gives you the tools to grow up. Someone who will go on scary fun adventures with you. Someone who wants you to work hard and be the best you can be. Someone who makes you feel like the luckiest daughter in the world. This someone is my dad and he will forever be the man I truly most admire. Happy Father’s Day!”

, Let’s Hear It For Dad

Casey B.

Cleveland, OH

“Growing up on the lake with him! Boat rides, tubing, fishing, kayaking – all the lake things! He has taught me many “firsts” but I love when I get to teach him “firsts” like kayaking last year! His determination is admirable. I look forward to many more years in matching “Reel Life” shirts on the water ❤️”

, Let’s Hear It For Dad

Ivan E.

Chicago, IL

“My daddy IVAN IS THE BEST!! My name is Nihaiyla and I’m 11 years old and I love my father a lot. My daddy is always calm and speaks calmly to me. He goes to all my tough IEP meetings because I’m autistic. My daddy is always with me at my DC appointments that I don’t like going to. He always buys me chicken nuggets and ice cream too. My favorite thing my dad and I do is go feed the ducks by the lake. My daddy is always taking care of grandpa well Dolo cause he’s old and needs my daddy to take care of him. I want to take care of daddy for Father’s Day like he always takes care of everyone else. I love my daddy a lot. He’s a nice man and a nice dad. I want my dad to have fun and I want him to eat a good dinner and play bowling. I love my family a lot. It’s just me my mommy and my daddy but we all love each other a lot .my daddy is funny and smart too. Never had to ask for directions because he knows all of Chicago. Please pick my daddy because I love him and I want him to be celebrated. Ps. My daddy likes motorcycles 🏍 and he can fix your motorcycle too. Please pick my daddy.”

, Let’s Hear It For Dad

Willie M.

North Bethesda, MD

“My favorite memory of Dad is his sacrifice to ensure that his family was protected. My Father Bill Always does his best to make sure that his family is taken care of. A Son, Husband, Father, Granddad, Great-Granddad, Disabled Vet, Uncle, Cousin, and friend to many. 200 words aren’t enough to describe who my father is. His determination and hard work from the military were displayed and modeled as a father. As a young girl, my father made sure that I was protected, loved, and spoiled. He taught me how to stand strong, plan ahead, respect time, and don’t sweat the small things which led me to become a leader and mentor in my community today. His care for his family was a priority. I watched him take care of my mother during two diagnoses of cancer, never leaving her side and remaining strong. A man that doesn’t want to be celebrated, but tells his family to show our mother all the love. A man that takes pride in his home, service, and hard work. What a great way to give this great father his flowers now and be recognized and appreciated by a great business for Father’s Day appreciation. What an honor it would be to surround him with the love of his family and friends at Pinstripes during this special day to celebrate a true Hero to his Family and Country. This appreciation will be well deserved and special for a man who carries his family on his shoulders. We look forward to hearing from you soon.”

, Let’s Hear It For Dad

Tom M.

Washington, DC

“My favorite memory is when my uncle let my Dad borrow his boat for my 12th birthday, and everything went wrong… sort of 🙂 The trip started out perfectly, but one thing Dad forgot to do was check the tides. It was too late when we realized: the low tide was starting. Suddenly, we were wedged in sand and knew we wouldn’t move for hours. First, I was angry. We argued, but after some silence, Dad broke the ice and asked me to explore with him. I remember collecting the coolest shells 12-year-old me ever saw. The best was when he carved “Miele Island” into the sand. He started laughing, which made me laugh, and that’s when I realized I was having the best day ever. Someone even brought us a pizza on their jet ski. After about 7 hours on Miele Island, we could finally move. But I was secretly hoping we’d be stuck for days. That’s the thing about my dad. He can turn any seemingly horrible situation into one you never want to end. He lifts people up and focuses on the positive. I learned to look at the glass half-full and that there’s always something to laugh about :)”

, Let’s Hear It For Dad