, Hometown Hero


Celebrate those who go above and beyond to make the community a better place to live!

Throughout the past few months, true community heroes have come forth to greatly help those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic—from doctors and nurses to your neighbor who hosted a local food drive and the person down the street who offered to run errands for those who couldn’t. These local heroes make a difference in the lives of those around them and go above and beyond towards making our communities better places to live.

As a destination that celebrates community, Pinstripes honors the local heroes in our communities who have helped others through their selflessness or good deeds throughout the pandemic, and asked you, our loyal customers, to tell us who has made a difference with our Hometown Heroes campaign. The response was overwhelming. Since launching in mid-August through the end of September, we received over 500 submissions across our 13 Pinstripes locations nationwide. The stories were inspiring.

“It has always been a core tenet of Pinstripes to be a committed and active member of our local communities, and enhance the lives of our guests through food, entertainment and true connections,” said Dale Schwartz, Pinstripes’ Founder and CEO. “Now, more than ever, it’s important to celebrate both the small and big. As a company, we salute these local heroes and everyone who visits us and allows us to be a part of their memories and experiences. Our customers keep us all connected and inspired, healthy and empowered.”

Pinstripes Hometown Heroes bring positivity and spread good spirit to the communities they serve, and today, we’re excited to share the winners, who received free bowling and bocce for a year, and a $250 dining and gaming gift certificate. Because it was so hard to pick just 13 winners, all finalists from each location will receive $100 gift certificates. With a total value of over $30,000, Pinstripes is also sending $50 gift certificates to all nominators, as a thank you and appreciation for submitting stories that inspire all of us.


Pinstripes Bethseda: Kevin Ordiales
Kevin Ordiales is a United States Navy nurse currently working at Fort Belvior’s COVID-19 unit. In addition to caring for his patients, he is also a wonderful father and husband, who supports his wife, who is also a nurse.

Pinstripes Cleveland: Amanda James
Nominated by her husband, Amanda made hundreds, if not thousands, of masks for local Fire Departments, Hospitals and other frontline workers in the Cleveland area. She gave them away to anyone who asked.

Pinstripes Edina: Cathy Ahner
Nominated by her son, Cathy went to bring a wheelchair to an elderly couple in need in her neighborhood. When she arrived and no one answered, she found that the husband had gone to the hospital the night before and his wife, who was home alone, had fallen in the middle of the night. Cathy was able to help the woman into the kitchen for fluids and waited until additional help arrived.

Pinstripes Fort Worth: Julia Medford
From donating time and supplies to making sack lunches and taking on the role as a home school teacher, to putting together at home craft bags and lesson plans for multiple families, Julie is the definition of selflessness, compassion, and a servant-hearted leader. Her acts of kindness show how much empathy and love she has for everyone around her.

Pinstripes Georgetown: Cassandra Jackson
As the Founder of The Backpack Project, a mentoring program for kids in D.C., Cassandra has been working tirelessly to ensure the kids and mentors remain connected during this unprecedented time. She has moved all of the in-person sessions to virtual environments and has created programming that keeps both the mentor and student engaged and enjoying their time together. Cassandra is currently working to ensure that all the kids in Ward 8 have access to tablets and WiFi connectivity once they return to school.

Pinstripes Houston: Josue and Lucas Zamarron
Josue and Lucas Zamarron are the owners of ZamCo Directional Drilling. Before the pandemic, they donated 10% of their profits to nonprofit veteran organizations. Since March, they’ve also donated more than 10,000 masks and over 500 gallons of hand sanitizer to local law enforcement, homeless shelters and more in the Houston area.

Pinstripes Northbrook: Loribel Deloria
Nominated by her younger sister, Loribel always knows the best way to solve problems and resolve issues under pressure. This was especially true when the neonatal nurse and active duty Navy Sergeant Nurse risked her life to work in New York City during the height of their COVID-19 outbreak. In a heartbeat, she did not hesitate to depart the following day and was gone for almost 4 months, away from family, her husband and friends. She’s not only selfless but her heroic efforts may have saved many.

Pinstripes Norwalk: Annie Blumenfeld
In 2012 after rescuing her dog from a high kill shelter in Texas, Annie formed Wags 4 Hope, selling her custom artwork to raise money for animal shelters around the country. Most recently, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Annie found that many people do not have the money to properly care for their pets and focused her efforts on delivering pet food and toys to Operation Hope, a women’s abuse shelter in New London, CT, to ease this burden.

Pinstripes Oak Book: Angela Chiappetta
Angie is a radiology technologist at the University of Illinois Hospital in Chicago. On her days off from the frontline this spring, she held mask drives to get her coworkers the PPE they desperately needed and started making shields with a 3D printer. But she didn’t stop there – she made shields for hundreds of workers across Chicago and the suburbs and purchased lunches for senior home workers and the seniors in her hometown assisted living through donations, all while raising a newborn.

Pinstripes Overland Park: Amy Terreros
As a nurse at Children’s Mercy, Amy treats children who have been abused. Unfortunately, such kids are being particularly neglected right now, because they are isolated at home with their abusers, so her help is all the more important for them.

Pinstripes River East: Andrea Hood
Andrea Hood is known as MommaHood in her community because she is always doing good. She is a preacher, teacher, mentor, second mom to many, block club president, health coach and so much more. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Andrea served as an outreach worker to seniors & families in need of essential items like food. She traveled all around Chicago to deliver care boxes with the help of her sons, her five-year old grandson and volunteers.

Pinstripes San Mateo: Kimberly Tom
Nominated by her family, Kimberly is a loving individual giving her heart out to an assisted living community. She plays the role of family to seniors to give them hope and strength to live through the pandemic when they cannot see their own family members due to restrictions. She paints residents’ nails, takes them to doctor’s appointments, and makes them feel safe. She recently accepted a position at the VA Hospital in Palo Alto and is helping veterans cope with COVID-19 providing them a sense of hope, a smile, and sense that things will be okay in time.

Pinstripes South Barrington: Lauren Hennessy
Nominated by her mom, Lauren recently underwent major spine fusion surgery. While in recovery, she has been writing cards to every resident at a senior Alzheimer’s unit in Mt Prospect and also painted a giant rock about how wonderful the residents are and left it outside the facility for visitors to view. Focusing on others and not thinking of herself and her pain has helped her get through this tough period.